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International Delivery

Products will be delivered to your doorstep by Fedex. 

You will receive an email as soon as we handed over the goods to Fedex. The email will contain a tracking number. The tracking number allows you to follow your package via the internet. 

You should be receiving the products within 2-3 days from the pickup date, though you may experience delays due to customs clearance procedures in your country. 

Delivery cost will be pre-calculated based on your order and prepaid when you check out. 

Hence, you will not have to pay Fedex for delivery upon receipt of the goods. 

However, you may be subject to customs duties, VAT or other charges depending on the local regulations in your country. 

Once you received the package please check the contents and try on the clothes. If the products do not fit, you my return them to us and we will replace them or refund you the money. Please do not remove the security tag before you do this check as we are not able to accept returns if the security tag is removed and obviously if the clothes are worn, dirty, perfumed, etc. 

Please check our T&C’s for more information regarding delivery and returns.


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